FitFolks 128 Water Street, Shelburne


CINDY’S WAKE- UP CALL (Cindy - Mondays @ 9am)

Cindy guides you through a motivating warm up right into a session of tabatas /pyramids/ 

HIIT = High Intensity interval Training. Stretch and cool down.

PRIME TIME Cindy - Mondays  @ 10.15am )

Designed for the over 50’s, this Tabatas style class combines muscle conditioning and cardio. (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) x 8 !

6 ROUNDS  - KICKBOXING (Cindy - Tuesdays @ 5.15pm)

CINDY’S   Boxing style class is for Fit Folks of all levels - with powerful kicks & punches to surely knock you out! Great core workout.  Watch out for rounds 3 and 6 !

CARDIO/MUSCLE INTERVALS (Cindy -  Wednesdays @ 9am )

Alternate between cardio intervals and muscle conditioning intervals to improve your cardiovascular health. Next comes a great ab work-out and stretching rounds out the hour.


SMALL WEIGHTS/CORE CONDITIONING (Cindy -  Wednesdays @ 9am )

First  warm up and then simple cardio moves using small weights. CORE conditioning is next.  Then time to stretch & relax.

YOUNG AT HEART (Morag-  Wednesdays @ 10.15am )

A fun class for older adults. Sometimes we dance. Sometimes we use stretchy bands, stability balls etc. Building endurance, strength & flexibility

WILD CARD WEDNESDAY (Cindy - Wednesdays @ 5.15pm) Who knows what Cindy is going to throw at you!  Be prepared -  Using all types of equipment - stability balls, skipping ropes, weights . Come and try - you’ll love it!


FUSION (Cindy - Thursdays@ 5.15pm) Try this new mix .Kick box/muscle conditioning  - using tubing, weights, skip ropes - all sorts of fitness toys. Lots of fun for all.

FITNESS FUN FRIDAY Cindy -  Fridays @ 9am )

Lots of FUN  and SWEAT . After a warm up which incorporates great stretches, Cindy guides you through a simple cardio work-out - then Pot Luck of muscle conditioning- suggestions encouraged-

STRETCH IT OUT (Cindy - Fridays @ 10.15am ) End the week with a relaxing class - Stretching, full body flexibility.  This one is for everyone!